Friday, January 20, 2012

World Buskers Festival

 Yesterday Keith, Chis and I went to the opening of the buskers festival. We went about an hour early to get a good spot and to eat our picnic dinner (cherries, strawberries, pistachios, toast, watermelon, olives, salami, nutella, lemonade and jelly things).

 We played some cards and did a few card tricks while we waited.

 Keith and Chris.


 The show was really good and featured Mullet Man and Funny Bones among other acts.

They have done a really good job of setting up the "Busker Park" with pretty tents like this one. I am really looking forward to spending some more time at these events.


  1. Nice. I especially like the tent photo - super night shot.

    1. They brough in a reply function, yus! It has been killing me not being able to reply to comments. Thanks I was pretty proud of that one!