Friday, January 27, 2012

Keith's New Home

On Wednesday while I was having my first day working in the bookshop Keith found his new home. It is very rustic and a real boys flat. They are going to brew beer, work on motorbikes, print t-shirts and mess about in the huge backyard.

The inside is a very surreal shade of pink.

There are some amazing details.

Me dancing around in the dinning room. I love being in empty houses; the feel of open space and cool bare floors.

More pink!

There are several sheds in the back which the owner (a ninety year old guy) potters from his house behind to tinker about in.

There are some good foody plants; lemons, grapes, elderberries, potatoes and potentially rhubarb.

The house next door is abandoned, this place is really a ten year old's dream club house :) . It seems to appeal to older kids too.

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