Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brisbane Day Nine

 We started the morning with toast and water melon.

 And then took a trip into the city centre. I love this arcade off Queen Street.


 We had lunch in a food court that had gluten free laksa!

 We saw GoMA (Modern art museum) where there was the Yayoi Kusama exhibit.

 Which had several rooms filled with different designs.

 And a room of giant flowers.

I liked their Christmas decorations too. In the evening we had dinner with Bruce and Greta which was delicious!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Brisbane Day Eight

 In the morning Chris tried out the helicopter that Thomas gave him.

  After breakfast we went to the fish market, but  first looked at the fishing boats.

 We came away with smoked trout and some prawns.

 We did some supermarket shopping and Chris and I found some Australian lollies to try. They were unbelievably sweet.

 Apart from that we just ate way way way too much food.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brisbane Day Seven

 Breakfast on the balcony again.

 We took a trip out to Caloundra and Chris got a haircut and we looked at the shops mostly only taking away books.

 We then went to Maaloolaba to have lunch and hang out at the beach.

 It is a lovely patch of sand and sea there.

 Chris and I decided to go for a walk.

 We found some fascinating tropical trees.

And a bunch of crabs and rock pools, which made for a rocky adventure.

Brisbane Day Six

 We went to Alma Park Zoo and it was the perfect time because there were so many cute baby animals!

 I was there too. In the evening we picked up Chris from the airport and now he is here, which makes me very happy.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brisbane Day Five

 I woke up very early, so Dad took me for a walk. This was the view looking back towards there place.

 Greta and Bruce were still around, and the weather was wonderful.

 We had left over lunch on the balcony.

 Bruce and Greta took off after lunch and the rest of us went for a trip to Daisy Hill Koala Centre. They sure are sleepy creatures.

 The surrounds were Australian bush.

 There was a lookout tower which you could climb to try and spot the koalas in the wild.... No success.

 After the we went for a drink at the Grand View Hotel.

 They were very Christmassy.

 I played cards and read my book and we discussed the awful musician that was torturing various popular songs.

 We went down the road to a picnic area with a barbecue, a light house and a historic pub (which was unfortunately closed).

 Thomas surveying the view.

 This is the pub, it looks like it sells gelato too. mmm.

 Dad and Thomas cooked some sausages and we ate dinner there.

 On the way home we stopped to watch the sunset and while we were waiting for it to go down I collected some shells and glass.

In the evening we watched the Doctor Who Christmas special and it was brilliant, even a Bill Bailey appearance!