Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chris's Birthday

We decided to have Chris's birthday dinner on the pier (after we had given it a mighty good scrub).

We lit candles and everyone brought some food.

Some story clouds rolled in right around dessert time, but we stuck it out and the sun came out again.

Dylan and Jemma.

Keith and you can just see a rainbow behind him, it was actually huge in real life.

Jamie and Lauren.

We stayed until it got dark and cold and then we trouped back to our place for cups of tea and coffee.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 So I finally got a smartphone and now have Instagram, you can follow me @nicolemarieandthetumbleweed. Here is the last month or so in pictures.

 The way the I bike to uni and a toy robot I got for Chris from work.

 Record shopping for Chris's birthday and the architecture fest where they had models in giant plastic bubbles .

Chris had his birthday and I gave him some presents in pretty wrapping paper.

 Ice tea with coconut jelly in a break from study and the first strawberries of the season.

 Uni in the evening, I basically lived there last month.

 After I handed in my work and I could go out, we went and saw some bands playing at the Darkroom. There was also Guy Fawkes night with fireworks.

 A lazy morning with the cat and some drinks.

Last week we finally celebrated Chris's birthday properly and had a pot luck dinner on the pier. More pictures to come of this.