Sunday, April 29, 2012

Now you want to see the sunrise, honey I know where. We'll both just sit there and stare

 Yum breakfast (I had to share my smoothie though...). Nashi pear, toast with vege spread (gluten free vegemite) and chocolate pudding.

Then we went to the Riccarton market.

Matt got a new skate board.

Hi! (My new typewriter says hi too).


We stayed until they started to pack up.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anzac Day

 We had a day off yesterday for Anzac Day, so we got to sleep in. The weather is really getting colder and we have had to put more blankets on our bed. I love the label on this one.

Breakfast on the balcony with my sunflowers.

While I was watching Call the Midwife after breakfast, the new neighbors started singing and playing guitar, I wrote them a sign to tell them they sounded wonderful. More on this to come!

 Chris and I skated/biked through the park to one of his friends places, it was such a lovely sunny day and lots of people were taking advantage of it; picnicking, playing with remote control boats on the lake, taking pictures of their children looking cute. And the leaves spiraled down from the trees.

 We found out we didn't have all the ingredients we needed so we stopped by the supermarket. I loved the busker outside, he was playing the Country Calendar theme song.

Then we got down to the business of making some wine!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back Online!!!

 I thought we could catch up on some things that have been going on lately. Over Easter mum and dad came to stay.

Mum and dad in New Brighton. We did lots of day tripping around Canterbury.

To places like Akaroa.

And Oxford.

 And Castle Hill.

 We went out for a lovely dinner at the Coffee House, I had the pork belly which was amazing.

 We have just gotten back from spending the weekend in Wellington. On the first evening we went out for dinner and then drinks at The Library with my brother Thomas.


 I had the creme brulee at the Library which is my absolute favorite dessert.

 We stayed with Keegan, he has a great flat in Petone.

 We did a bit of eating out and a whole lot of meeting up with people. This is Sweet Mother's Kitchen where we had dinner with Keegan before going to a 'fresh meat' comedy show.

We had a quick coffee with Hannah between meeting up with a multitude of other lovely friends and family members.