Monday, January 2, 2012

Competition Runners Up

 These images are the runners up of our family photo competition. Yesterday everyone got together to decide and vote. We had a slide show and voting sheets, it was all very sophisticated. There were nine categories and we had great fun and at times difficulty in deciding. The winning pictures to come soon!


Second Place - Mum's picture of Chris and I on the fair ride at New Years.

Third Place - My picture of Chris from the balcony over looking the pool.


 Second Place - My picture of a historic pub.

 Second Place - Mum's picture of an arcade.

Second Place - Dad’s photograph of lights and meteorological devices on Redcliffe Pier.


 Second Place - Chris's beach scene at Maaloolaba.

 Second Place - Bruce and Greta’s water scene at the Bribie Island bird sanctuary.


 Second Place - Bruce and Greta’s close-up of a rhino beetle.

  Third Place - My picture of the crabs at the fish market; Morgan's.


 Second Place - Mum's picture of the camels at Alma Park Zoo.

 Second Place - Dad's picture of a Corella in flight.

New Year

 Second Place - Chris and my picture of sparkler's at New Years.

 Third Place - Mum's picture of the fireworks.


 Second place: Bruce’s portrait of Greta in the gardens on Bribie Island.

 Second place: Thomas’s photo of me taken at Burnt Orange Cafe in Redcliffe.

 Second Place - Chris's picture of me at Maaloolaba.


 Second Place - Mum's picture of the Christmas tree in reflection.

It has been decided by general opinion that the images in the 'shittest' category, while being highly amusing, are ones that are not to be publicised. I will just leave you to your imagination to fill this gap.
* Note; where there are several second place images, these images were decided to be equally good.

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