Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bikes, Kites and Boobs

This morning Keith picked up his new motorbike, he was so proud of it. It made Chris really want to fix his up.

After that we went to the Tip Top Kite Festival in New Brighton.


Some of the kites were huge! There were kite experts there from all over the world (apparently). This tiger was just being launched.

Keith and Chris checking out the view.

Beached As Bro!

This is the whole view, you can see all the small kites in the distance.

 At midnight we went to The Midnight Carnival which was part of the buskers festival and was at the casino, which I have never been to. It was surprisingly busy in there, I had no idea it would be so lively.

Chris and I after the performance. We had so much fun! There was a side show act (sickening), a contortionist (she climbed into a clear box!) and a burlesque act (for which the definition of "c-string" will help you appreciate what we were looking at). That was pretty much the last of the buskers fest, I hope I will be around next year to see a few of the shows, it was defiantly worth a look.

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