Saturday, October 8, 2011

Watch Things on VCRs, With Me, And Talk About Big Love

 Keith let the cat out out and he is very much an inside cat.

 He hid under the empty next door house, so we decided to have a barbeque while we waited for him to come out. We invited Finn to join us.


 Getting the barbeque going by the next door porch and having a drink, it was also pretty cold, earlier in the day it hailed.

 We got some music playing and started cooking some dinner.

 Dinner! Sausages and steak with salad and potatoes.

 He still hadn't come out so we roasted some marshmallows.

The guys had pikelets too.

We filled in more time with the game that you have a name on your forehead and you have to guess who you are with yes no questions.

 Still playing. (Chris was Aphrodite)

 And roasting marshmallows to a high standard.

Six hours in the guest of honor arrives!

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