Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lyttelton's a Place

 Chris, Keegan and I went on a day trip to Lyttelton today.

 Which is Christchurch's tiny port. We had some chips from one of the fish and chip stores, scanned the bookstore and once we had done all the things we went on a ferry ride across to Diamond Harbour.

 The scenery from the boat was spectacular, wind blown hills in a greyish green covered in sharp patches of rocks. It is a lonely landscape.


The wharf at Diamond Harbour. The whole place had those flowers that grow in salty seaside places.

 We took a guess at the direction of the main street and went for a scenic walk up hill.

 The main street consisted of the post shop, the store (with a cafe inside) and the real estate agent.

 The boys got ice creams, this was the medium size!

 "Don't touch it!"

When we came home I made breakfast for dinner; buckwheat pancakes, bacon, fruit and cinnamon cream.

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  1. I lived in Diamond Harbour for six years! The ferry i caught was nicer, it was slower, but i liked that. The driver let me steer once it was very exciting:)