Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday!

 Chris' birthday yesterday. He started the morning with the traditional treasure hunt, here he is eating his first prize (treasure hunter's breakfast) and glaring at me over the clue.

 Breakfast beer and a puzzling code.

This time the clue was wrapped around the arm of the glasses which was on a sculpture in the botanic gardens.

 Chris had to climb in and get it with several tourist families watching, it was very funny, they looked extremely confused.

 Old lady glasses! Our old flatmate Keegan is staying with us for a few days to help us celebrate.

 Chris had to try and remember how to read music (it is the music for London Bridge is Falling Down and leads to the nearest bridge).

 On the way there was this dog which Chris wanted to steal.

 The clue at the boat house (my election enrollment letter which needed posting leading to the post boxes).

After the treasure hunt it was present time, I gave Chris a record player, a book about beer brewing and several records.

 For lunch we had a picnic in the gardens. The weather turned lovely and sunny.

 Finn joined us.


 I put together a desert of yogurt, fruit, walnut ginger honey and chocolate.

 Birthday Boy!

Silly faces.

 Then it was nap time.

 Naps were to be had by all.

Keith, Gina and Hannah joined us for dinner on the balcony; jambalaya, salad and bread followed by chocolate mouse and fruit salad.

 The girl side of the table.

As it got dark we had warm drinks and played board games in the dim glow of fairy lights.

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