Sunday, October 30, 2011


 Cashel Mall in the centre of the city opened up yesterday for the first time since the earthquake. Today we went and had a look. Most of the shops are in shipping containers painted bright colours.

 Outside of Balentynes there is a beautiful wall of hanging baskets to cover up the exposed wall and scaffolding.

 There are some new stores (or ones I never found) like this grocer selling gourmet type food and a lot of the old goodies from around town.

There were even some iconic Christchurchian people, like the town cryer, he usually hangs out by the cathedral. All of this is just down the road from us! I am impressed at what an amazing job they have done, I wouldn't mind if they kept the colourful shipping containers long term.

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  1. That looks really great, looks like it was a nice day too. Annemarie