Monday, October 10, 2011

I Think We're Superstars

Sometimes when I look at fashion magazines I get so bored of looking at unattainable clothes and unattainable bodies and faces, when I should be thinking about what looks good on my body, what great clothes do I already have that I can use in a new way. Apart from those things what do those girls have? Outfits designed for inspiration rather than wear, hair that just would never work in real life, and enough makeup to make them look inhuman. I can do those things too!
        So my own style inspiration for myself; it is thinking about pretty pieces mixed with the outdoors, worn casually and messily. I always feel like I look best in the summer after a swim, with twigs and salt and sand in my hair, wearing my togs and whatever else I threw on. Childlike, carefree and just a wee bit wild.
         Nothing I am wearing cost more than forty dollars and everything is worn with bare feet.

In image one I am wearing: 
Brown paper crown, own devising.
Ruffled collar shirt, vintage.
Knitted shorts, Indeja (Wellington)

Image two:
Shear dress, Glassons.
Bikini bottoms, Glassons.

Image three:
Winter berries in hair, gather months ago outside Christ's College.
Lace top, store by the beach (named?) in Byron Bay.
Bikini Bottoms, Glassons.

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