Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Tiny Book

 Yesterday I bought this book from work for Chris, it is full of  illustraions and stories. It says on the back "The world is not made up of atoms, it is made of tiny stories".

 Some of my favorite ones. The one on the left with the bicycles says (incase you cannot read it) "One wanted to share a life together, the other wanted to share two". It is such a lovely pretty book, and it is amazing what can be conveyed in a couple of lines.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog from Niotillfem and I just spent a good amount of my evening reading through almost the whole thing. You write in such an amazing way and I'm sure that great things will come to you.

    And you look so happy with your Chris! Take care.

  2. That might be the cutest book I've ever seen! "The world is not made up of atoms, it is made of tiny stories", I love that! I also kind of love your header :)

    1. I love that it says that too... Best book description EVER! Thanks about the header, I was thinking of changing it, but perhaps I will keep it around.