Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So yesterday I realised I am starting to get  a cold... I dressed in my new snugly jersey and ate a bunch of the mandarins Chris's mum sent to us in hope that a boost of vitamin C will stop those germs in their tracks. At uni I noticed the first of the leaves turning yellow and red.


  1. Poor wee thing, hope it is a mild cold and you feel well soon.
    Annemarie (Mum)

  2. Hey! I saw your "comment" in Sandra's, niotillfem, blog. I found it so cool that you live in New Zealand! Are you from there originally? I'm Swedish, but I'm currently on my exchange studies in Canada and I'm actually going to New Zealand in July. I saw that you were from Christchurch though and I will be studying in Auckland :) It will be so nice to visit the amazing country that I've heard so much about!
    Take care. Jennifer