Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chinese Lantern Festival

 Last night we went to the Chinese Lantern Festival.

 It was very popular, there were thousands of people there and it was like a carnival with balloons and funny hats.

 I really wished I could try all the interesting food, but it was not gluten free. There was candy floss though, the guy joked when it was my turn that he would have to make this one perfect for the photo!

 Matt came along with us.

 The lanterns were magical, they made a kind of fairy land in the trees.

 Short hair see!

 On the stage a Chinese reggae band was playing, sounds hilarious but they were actually really good.

 On our walk home we looked at the lanterns in the Avon river and at the punters sailing along with pretty lights.

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  1. Nice. Especially, love the dragon. Interesting photo with the short hair - what did you do?