Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Sunday in Wellingtron

 On Sunday we were in Wellington, we had brunch at expressoholic, mine was a roastie and Chris had the big breakfast.

 We walked around the city as it was waking up and Chris made friends on the way.

 Neat stairs.

 We met Hannah under the umbrella and looked at shops with her.

 And had lunch at the Mexican restaurant in Left Bank.

 The new owners had some very cool decorations.

 Hannah took me back to see her home with its high up view of the city.

I walked back into to town to find Chris, Jimmy, Keegan and Brendan, on the way there was this busker.

 We got cake and coffee at Fidel's.


 Brendan and I.

 While we were there we ran into Simon who was getting a bite to eat.

Keegan and Chris.

It was nice to be in Wellington again, I miss it when I am here.


  1. Nice. Cool photo of the stairs and great people shots. Wellington certainly has character.