Monday, February 6, 2012

Guess you thought, You could just watch, No one's getting out

Yesterday we went for a day trip to Lyttleton.


 Matt; who is Keith's new flatmate. He is an American mechanic.


 We took the ferry across to Diamond Harbour.

 It was a very bleak drizzly day.

 On the way a yacht came whizzing past us really close.

 When we got there we arrive to signs advertising free music.

 Which was The Eastern, a really cool country band who were expert at getting crowd involvement playing in what seemed to be an old school hall. It was really excellent.

 The performance was a fundraiser to rebuild a historic house there, when you gave a donation you could buy one of the old bricks, which Chris did.

 It was so Autumny and cold that I wore stockings and a scarf.

 While we waited for the ferry to take us home I read a book that I got through work at the bookstore.

 And spied on people through the porthole.

 In the evening we went to Classical Sparks in the Park. They played Danny Boy which was my grandmothers favorite song and Clair de Lune which is one of my favorites.

And when the fireworks went off they were timed to Flight of the Valkyries.

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  1. Nice photos - esp like the porthole one and the fireworks