Sunday, December 11, 2011


 Yesterday Chris and I went to Sumner, we have been having some issues with the builders working next door and it was nice to get away from the house for the day. On the way to the bus stop there was a brass band playing Christmas carols, which as opposed to dreadful CDs, was rather lovely.

The wizard was there too! I have not seen him since the quakes but it was a lovely reminder of old Christchurch seeing him. He used to stand in cathedral square and as a contrast to the people who yelled out religious stuff he lectured publicly on scientific ideas. Yesterday he was protesting the possible removal of heritage buildings.

 We got off at the wrong stop so had to walk around the bay to Sumner (my fault) and while there was a lot of damage, with cliff faces gone and buildings hanging off the edges, there was also many beautiful sights like the seaside flowers blooming in ecstatically bright colours.

We wandered around and climbed the rock on the beach, looked at the bookstores and second hand stores.


We had dinner at the Indian restaurant, which though small was hugely popular and the food was good, very smokey tandoori chicken.

 While we waited for the bus to take us back to town we made a friend.

When we got home we watched a movie and ate some lollies and I drawled over my new Jonathan Safran Foer book which is what I got with the book voucher my brother got me for my birthday.
Now Chris has gone away for a few days to see the Foo Fighters in Auckland, I hope he has fun, but I miss him.


  1. Looks like it was a nice day out. We had curry for dinner too.