Friday, December 23, 2011

Brisbane Day One

 I arrived in Brisbane at 7am yesterday morning. We had a nice breakfast of pancakes out on the balcony and went into town (which after being on the flight seemed to take hours). There were several balloon vendors on the main street. This guy is making those bobbles on the end by sucking them in his mouth.


Over Christmas and new years my family are having a photography competition. This is  how my dad will look over the holidays and here are the rules:
1. All entries must be in by 12pm (noon) on 1 Jan 2012
2. Photographs will be received in the following categories:
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Action
  • Macro/small
  • Nature
  • Christmas theme
  • New Year theme
  • Shittiest (really bad) photo
  • Architecture - interior or exterior
3. Up to one (1) entry per person per category
4. Entries must be in JPG format and must have been taken between 7am 22 Dec and 12pm 1 Jan
5. Editing using software such as the GIMP or Photoshop is permitted
6. Voting will take place on the afternoon of 1st Jan and will be by secret vote
  • Steven will label each photo and put on a memory stick for display on the tv
  • Voting will take place within categories
  • One vote per person per category
  • No voting for self
7. After the winners of each section have been determined from the voting we will all vote on the best overall photo from the winners.

 In our wanderings we found this book shop, its front really upholds its promise...

Because inside was just aisle on aisle like this. That is Mum in the crime section and Dad sabotaging my picture in the bottom right corner.

 We had lunch at this great Mexican place.

 Nachos... MMm. They tasted cinnamony.

 On the way back home we came across a bunch of pelicans along the walkway. They sure are big.

Mum took me for a little drive to look at the bats. I love bats, last time I was here there would be these amazing thunderstorms in the evenings and the bats would swoop around, it felt just like being in a gothic novel.

We had pork chops (which dad did a really good job of cooking), salad chips and stuffed vine leaves! (my favorite!) for dinner. We went for an evening walk along the beach, and had hot chocolates and cake.

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