Sunday, December 4, 2011

Markets and Zines

Yesterday morning we went to the farmers market.

It was very busy because we have been having the sunniest, most beautiful weather, the kind of weather that smells like sunscreen.


 Some luch was had, we were looking everywhere for apples but noone was selling them, it made us both sad.

 Afterwards we biked across town to Zinefest which was at The Darkroom, I got a whole bunch. The one with the print contains a letter inside, these things I found is a collection of found images, the large grey one behind is a collection of drawings.

 But my absolute favorites are the three by the Sheehan Brothers, this one in particular is so beautiful.

They made me want to go away and draw woods and magical creatures and mysterious happenings.


  1. I could try... but what would be the point? You could just live here and have more fun with us.