Saturday, December 24, 2011

Brisbane Day Three

 Woke up to a very rainy, early morning. Scanned the channels for Spongebob and found it - Success!

 We wandered down to the shops in the rain for lunch and went to the gluten free cafe. I had chicken pakora (tandoori chicken deep fried in chickpea batter).

Sunny Brisbane.

 We went for a drive and saw dozens of kite surfers.

 Dad took us to look at this house he had seen when he was cycling past. You can read more about him here.

 While we were standing around outside taking pictures a guy came out from inside and offered to let us have a look around inside.

 His name was Frank, he was from Italy and had decorated the whole house by hand himself. The plaster molds you see above the desk he made himself.

 There were many beautiful things in his house, but my favorites were the old glasses that he had used as picture frames.

 He took a picture of us in his dinning room. In fifteen years he thinks he will have the whole house finished like this, he works on it all day long like a job. (He is pictured to my right in the framed photograph, but it is from many years ago).

 In the afternoon I watched the documentary 'The Legends of Santa' which showed the historical progression from Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus and the various other figures in other cultures.

 After dinner Mum and I put together the trifle for tomorrow. Sponge, brandy soaked cherries, cherry juice and custard.

:) Merry Christmas everyone!

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