Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Saturday in Pictures

10 am: I took a picture an hour today, the idea for which I took from possibly my favorite blog Niotillfem. I had breakfast in bed and worked on an essay for uni.

11 am: Still working on my essay and hanging out in my room with Mesha, he is being quiet for once.

12 am: Hello sailor. All up and dressed.

1 pm: I biked out to the Woman's Expo which is on this weekend and had a nice but brief lunch with my aunt who helped organise it.

2 pm: On the way home I couldn't resist stopping to buy some daffodils.

3 pm: Checking out my Expo goodie bag!

4 pm: Comfy pants and a little more work on my essay.

5 pm: Started making dinner; pasta with a creamy mushroomy sauce.

6 pm: Chris came home from working and had dinner with me, he kept making funny faces!

7 pm: We started watching True Blood.

8 pm: Still being couch potatoes and watching TV snuggled up on the couch.

9 pm: I made us some hot chocolate, it was pretty amazing, with cinnamon and chili. Mmmm...

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