Friday, September 2, 2011

Pins and Butterflies

Hello! Today we went to the museum, it finally opened from the earthquakes, and as it is just round the corner it seemed like an ideal thing to do.

There was an antarctic exhibition, which was pretty great.

And the stuffed bird exhibit was the same as ever, which was lovely since it was one of the first places Chris and I went together when we were first going out.
That time we kissed in corners while the birds looked on with glass eyes.

We payed $2 to get into the discovery room, which was absolutely worth it.

There were glass jars with pickled things, like rats and reptiles and a human hand.

Chris was particularly interested in the aquarium, I think he wants to have a wall sized one... I am not so sure. He spotted this albino fish.

 The butterfly room was perfect, nothing says romance like hundreds of butterflies with pins through them.

A nice way to spend a cold Friday afternoon.

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