Thursday, September 1, 2011

But lately I see her ribbons and her bows, have fallen from her curls

Today Chris made me some bookshelves out of industrial pallets.

The spaces in between are perfect for displaying those little trinkets that build up over time.
For Chris that clearly means plastic Pokemon toys and aeroplanes.

For me; jars of buttons, coins, badges, inherited (but not valuable) jewellery and little gifts.

And the best thing about the shelves? I know where I am going if I need somewhere to be.

(Don't think this meagre selection of books is a reflection of my reading, it is merely the few dregs I have managed to pick up from storage so far.)


  1. question what did he use to cut them in half?
    ps there is an awesome image of me at like 2 sitting in bookshelves. lovex

  2. He used a small hand saw until the blade broke then he used the blade held in his hand and ripped up the outer layer of his skin (though didn't draw blood) then he picked up our skill saw to finished the job the next morning. :) It was a wee bit of a mission.
    Sounds cute, I would love to see it sometime x

  3. I love these shelves! I'm thinking about trying to build some myself, although I'm sure it'll be a bigger disaster. Did he just cut them up and use 2x4 for the sides?