Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fifty-Two Things I Like

1. Taking a clipping of a plant and watching the roots grow through the glass
2. Picnics
3. The sound of rain when in the shower
4. Jars of lollies
5. Sitting with my feet on the oven door when it is cold, watching the golden glow of something baking
6. Listening to a favorite song on LP for the first time
7. Elderflower cordial
8. Taking Polaroid pictures and watching them appear like magic
9. Kisses in the snow or rain
10. Taxidermied things
11. Clean sheets that smell of sunlight and washing powder
12. Suitcases
13. Old book stores with ladders and dust and clutter
14. Illustrated stories
15. Cracking walnuts in the sun
16. Overhearing great conversation
17. Board games
18. When bath water seems a blue/green duck eggish colour against the white enamel
19. The idea of stamped self-addressed envelopes
20. Blowing bubbles with old cotton reels
21. Gumboots
22. Doing the washing on a cold day and burying self in freshly dried laundry for warmth
23. Framed butterflies
24. Cracking the top of a creme brulee
25. Hot chocolate made with real chocolate and with Cinnamon and chili
26. Waking Chris up early
27. Road trips on hot summer days, with the windows down, music playing, the seat belts so hot the nearly burn when you put them on
28. The bookish smell and cool hush of libraries
29. Bottomless coffee
30. Fruit that is so fresh you just picked it, and warmed from the sun so when you take a bite the juice runs down your chin.
31. Children's annuals form the 40s, 50s and 60s
32. Buying flowers for no one but me
33. Being hugged from behind when I am cooking or cleaning in the kitchen
34. Hammocks
35. Being tickled
36. Scones with cream and jam
37. Finding swings in unexpected places
38. Kisses on the eyelids
39. How soft and light hair feels after a haircut
40. Making paper boats and launching them
41. Fairy tales
42. Receiving mail
43. New underwear
44. The weightlessness of swimming
45. Bubbles filled with smoke
46. Making daisy chains
47. The colours red and green together
48. Blossom petals that fall like snowflakes
49. Stealing Chris' socks
50. Scarves
51. Novels that seem perfect from start to finish
52. Managing to peel an apple in one continuous spiral

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