Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trying to save the youth without putting your shoes on.

The two lovely ladies in this post are my grandmothers. I adore family photographs, they are such beautiful, meaningful objects to have. Above is my mother's mother Molly Butler, her real name was Mary but her brothers named her after a cow on the farm as a child and it stuck her entire life.

This is a not very convincing photograph of a photograph I have of my Nana and her hockey team as a teenager, it was taken in 1932 in Norsewood or possibly Otaki?

This series of pictures (which are easier for me to get hold of in a hurry being online somewhere in the ether) are of my Father's mother Claudia Hodder. I never got to meet her which in many ways makes these pictures of her even more important.

 The picture in the middle shows my Great Grandmother and my Great Aunt with Claudia and and my dad as a baby. I love the pram in these pictures, it doesn't look that comfortable for dad though.

I think it is important to recognise where you come from and see that hundreds of lives have lead to your own and have contributed to who you are. I am lucky enough to have parents who have spent a lot of time scanning pictures onto the computer so they are avaliable to everyone and are less prone to damage. Have you thought about documenting your family pictures?

I hope to put a few more posts up about my family and where I come from in the future.

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