Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 This weekend I had my five year school reunion. The first night we talked and danced and stayed up till five.

 I didn't get much sleep but I saw the sunrise which was so lovely, because we drove there in the dark and didn't know where we were.

 We went down to the beach on Saturday. Femke.

 Jess and Lil.


 Paasca brought some of his home brew for people to try.

 We played lots of card games in the cabin. It was a really cool place, the living area was huge.

 In the evening Zac, Lenny and I went looking for some Paua.

It was really beautiful at the beach in the evening. I had fun exploring the rock pools.

 After dinner there was circle of death, where one of the rules was that everyone had to switch clothes.

 Before we left on Sunday we took a class photo. It was so lovely to see everyone again.

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