Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Year

 It has been exactly one year and a day since I started this blog. One year ago we had just moved to back to Christchurch after escaping to Gisborne following the earthquakes. Chris had just had knee surgery and our lives seemed quite uncertain. Blogging was something I had been thinking about doing for a while and a large drift of snow which I photographed finally brought this blog about. The idea of the blog was really just to recognise what in my life I thought was beautiful and what I loved and to remind myself what these things were. 

 Food is one of these things, and boy have I eaten well this year.

 There have also been some parties, festivals and adventures.

 Christmas and New Years spent in Australia with my family.

 There have been some outfits and hair cuts and shoes.

And there has been one very special person along on all my adventures.

So that has been a year of my blog. I have been a bit slow at making posts in the last few months, for which I could make many excuses. But really you have to make time for important things.
 I know I have a couple silent followers out there (they admit it occasionally on the sly), what would you guys like to see on here? More daily posts? Are there specific things about my life that anyone wants to know? Make it easy for me and give me a few ideas!

But most importantly thanks for watching and commenting and being cool. If no one ever looked I might well disappear off the internets.


  1. Keep going! I love it and you will be able to look back at this a bit like a diary and remember all those nice things.

  2. Wow, and what a year!