Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Simple Window Exchange

 You might remember that I left a note for our new neighbors in the window to compliment their singing. Well our exchange continued.

 They asked a funny question about the fence across the road.

 We replied "We like to think it is to contain the experimental fire mice, who were imprisoned in the catacombs of the old university and who escaped in the earthquake. At night they try to steal all the wine and cheese."

 Then I learned someone apart from my mother reads my blog! (not that I don't love that you read it Mum)

At this point we decided it might be time to invite our mysterious new friends to partake in sweet goodies. More to come!


  1. Hey, I totally read your blog too.

  2. I exaggerate... Did you get any good mail lately?

  3. This is really nice :)